The Art of Opening


Holding the Space as a Birth Worker

How do we, who are part of the birth worker culture, find our new way to know and be with birth? How do we inspire the instinctual? How do we name the aspects of birth that matter, yet may be…

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Just a few reasons to birth at home.

I recently got a call from a friend who is on the fence about having a home birth or a hospital birth. Now, I am not a person to sell home birth to those who want something else. Home birth…

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“Normal” Birth Paradigms

This month I have the honor of teaching a midwifery module of normal birth. I am excited since I am very protective over what I see as being “normal.” However, I find myself asking two questions: 1) What is “normal?”…

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Imprint: The Birth of Generations

I was going to get back to Imprint, but I thought I’d start with a story that occurred a few years after Imprint was created. My middle daughter, Amayi, when she was about 4 years old was looking at her…

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Using your BRAIN: Soliciting Informed Consent

Using Your BRAIN: Soliciting Informed Consent So I am going to be teaching (mentoring) Documentation and Charting to the new group of students going through Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery. Of course, since this is the first time I have been…

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Imprint, 16 years later

November 23, 2011 I’m going through old files this week and opening a part of my life as well as others’ lives that I haven’t seen for a while. It really inspires me to (re)member much of what I’ve taken…

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