Body Balancing & Breech Resources

The Breech Release: Opening Pathways for Midwifery and Prenatal Bodywork now available!

Individual body balancing sessions for prevention or turning of a breech are available upon request. Additional body balancing sessions and classes are also available through Marli Ivers.

Breech Pregnancy Skype or Zoom Consultations:  What might this time include? Follow-up to a session (no bodywork), compassionate and individualized counseling for your framework of care, recommendations for early prevention, exploring this emotional and physical journey, methods of creating space allowing a baby to turn, how to do Spinning Babies exercises and techniques, normalization of vaginal breech delivery, and referrals.  Half-hour is $45 (PayPal or Venmo).

How could stretching and positioning be useful in allowing my baby to turn?

Body work can be quite useful in opening space that a baby can turn. Bones can be aligned by chiropractic care, but the soft tissues are important in determining the lie of the baby. Massage in pregnancy can be useful in softening tissues (including fascia) and muscles connected to the pelvis, but there are more things you can do to balance the uterus.  
Stretching tight muscles can also be useful as they can release the pelvis to float in a more neutral position rather than pulled by tight hamstrings or a tight psoas (or other muscles). Too loose muscles can also be an issue, and sometimes wearing a pregnancy support belt may be part of balancing abdominal muscles and/or ligaments.  

What would a balancing session entail? After a brief assessment of baby’s position, we address some exercises that are beneficial for balancing with a light touch and stretching. The following may be addressed in your session:

  • tight or spasmed ligaments (round, broad, cervical, utero-sacral)
  • twists in the lower uterine segment 
  • tight or loose muscles of the hips, legs, or abdomen
  • opening up the respiratory diaphragm and under the ribs 

Are there any contraindications for body balancing in pregnancy?

If you have high blood pressure or glaucoma, you are limited as to what positions or stretches can be done. Signs of preterm labor or vaginal bleeding are also contraindicated.  

Are you planning to do an External Cephalic Version? Body work and balancing are also useful before this procedure. By softening tissues, we can hope that turning the baby isn’t as painful and the baby can turn more easily if that is what is desired.

Where can I find out more information on this subject? Go to for more information and details on this subject and search “breech.” Parents interested in learning more about breech birth and your options for care, please visit Breech Birth SD (
Providers interested in learning more about breech birth and fine-tuning your craft, please visit Breech Birth SD ( Feeling inspired to speak up and demand better care, please visit Breech Birth SD (