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Midwifery Tools:  My Venn Diagram Response

Dreaming Models for Weaving and Healing this Craft of Midwifery

When we are in community with midwives or healers with similar value systems, we find many opportunities arise.  As global colonization has limited, persecuted, and attempted to eradicate many cultures around the world, so has it had its lasting effects on midwifery.  This is true for the cutting and splicing and editing of healing in…

Observational Patience and the Art of Not Doing

I am under the belief that midwifery education must integrate the art of not doing and begin to name, mentor and teach observational patience before we lose our craft in the midst of didactic lists in what is considered “knowledge.”  We must mentor self-reflection, awareness, and intuition as an art that is integral to supporting…

Midwife Hands as Tools :  Being Touched by Breech

Maybe we have to turn things upside down in this world to rediscover it.  These baby’s that are breech are teaching me more about babies that are head down.  They are teaching me about how to feel and touch and feel the changes from being touched.  Touching lightly, with finesse, or even boldly.  There is…

The Breech Release: Opening Pathways for Midwifery and Prenatal Bodywork now available!

Midwife Debrief: Want to review a shoulder dystocia or breech birth?