Breech Body Balancing Isn’t Only About Breech

What we feel in our hands is not just touch.  It is relationship and exchange.  How we come into relationship with another and they come into relationship with us informs our practice emotionally and physically… and even spiritually.  We listen with our hands and fingers.  This attuning or entrainment, even if it feels small, affects the nervous systems of three.  This honestly could just be palpation but going more slowly and purposefully with pacing matters.  Us tracking, informs our perceptions for the birth as well.  Practicing perception builds skill and can lead to the art of not doing and being content with it.  As a midwife, I can assist in the presence of the relationship.

“I not only respect your pacing but notice it and acknowledge it.”
“I can feel your tissues are resistant.”
“When do you notice that shift in the baby’s position?”
“Wow, no wonder your ribs hurt!”
“It seems like this inguinal ligament has pulled your hip in and reduced space.”
“I can feel your stress in your body.”

Do we need the clinical descriptions to be able to justify our touch? Touch can be adjunct to advice for heartburn, edema, rib pain, lower back aches, or twinges in the cervix.  We can even feel fluids shift and use touch as another form of validation. 

So, I know it is a Breech Body Balancing Workshop, but honestly, its just that breech turns birth upside down so we can look at pregnancy and birth differently even through our hands.  Sometimes we get in habits that aren’t even bad but we forget to look deeper.

I see 1-5 people a week presenting breech as the resources for the community are limited.  What I can offer is compassion, validation, connection, and bodywork leading to balance gravity and movement.

Find out what might cause restrictions for a baby.  Find out more about anatomy and its application to midwifery and bodywork.  Learn about how to soften and balance before the force of an ECV.  Also, find more about how we can be transparent with breech while respecting people from where they are comfortable be it in hospital or out of hospital care.


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