Parent Saver Radio, Birth Story Circle and Birth Trauma

Birth Story and Birth Trauma

Recently I was interviewed on Parent Savers Radio Show about healing following a traumatic birth. Near the beginning of the show each mother tells a brief overview of their stories about their traumatic birth. There is so much to each woman’s stories. Their stories were brief. Their stories filled with moments of pain and sadness. All glossed over and pocketed in snippets due to time. All brought together to share with others that they are there just like someone else out there who might be unacknowledged.

Every story has its sacred nature. Every story deserves a full listening with the honor of holding that space. Every healing path is unique.

The danger in memorizing or retelling the same snippets of story is that we can lose other parts of a birth story. The parts that are left out can be important. They may be parts that were simple and unseemingly important. They may be parts where the teller evades their own trauma. But even in the part told, the moment told, there are details that may be hidden or lying-in-wait. Feelings or perspectives that can potentially assist one down their healing path.

A few resources:
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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
Rebounding from Childbirth by Lynn Madsen
Mending Invisible Wings (workbook for the death of a baby) by Mary Burgess